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Wives Who Spank 2

If you dig stories about mean wives who take their husband's pants down and tan their backsides (me next!) then here's a collection of short stories for you!

Wives Who Spank 2 - Spanked Husband Stories By Mistress Femme
Spanked Husband Stories

These bitches stop at nothing to make sure their husband's get the message that the free ride is over and they better behave - or else!

"I think all me need to be spanked on a regualr basis," says bitch number one (ie, my wife) "And this collection of spanked husband stories gives me lots of ideas!"



Posted: Friday 7th March 2014, 1:45 PM

Cheating Wives

If you're into Cheating Wives and like to read about the kinky shit they get up to when they're doggin' around on their hard working menfolk, give that link a click and see why you should stay single!

Fucking beyatchs be making the man look bad! Strutting their asses outside of marriage and getting it on with all sorts of fella's (and some bitches) is wrong, I tells ya!

Uu, got to go now, the little lady is home and I don't want to get my ass pegged before dinner for being lazy...


Posted: Tuesday 5th February 2013, 4:16 PM

Erotic Female Vampire Stories

While out late one night, my eyes beheld a dreadful sight. Dracula and the wolfman were getting blown by a naked female vampire and it was kinky!

Okay, that was my lame attempt at some erotic female vampire stories, so I'm going to leave it the pros - and here's one you should definitely read!

erotic female vampire stories by shay slinger
Erotic Female
Vampire Stories!

Super sexy and VERY explicit, I give it five stars and three blasts of the jizz cannon, something which my wife caught me doing and swore she'd leave me if I did it in front of the kids again - OOOPS!


Posted: Friday 21st December 2012, 2:24 PM

Phone Sex Ebook And More

Got this in email and had to share:

"Hi, I'm Gina and you might on seen me on TV being interviewed as the "phone sex ebook girl", a title I achieved by being the first woman to offer a FREE ebook filled with kinky, taboo and specialized phone sex numbers. Well, I'm back with a NEW and TOTALLY UPDATED list of numbers (along with descriptions of what you'll find if you call) and I want to offer it FREE to all readers of this site.

FREE Phone Sex Ebook HERE!

Many guys who work on the road or travel a lot LOVE to keep a copy tucked away for some private fun when they're away and have written me how much they enjoy the listings and "research" I have done for them. My pleasure, guys!

It's 18 pages in a easy to read and print out PDF format and I invite anyone interested in phone sex to check it out - I've even included a couple of bonus numbers that you might just find, um, interesting, hehe..

Be advised - it's for ADULTS only!


Now, I have no idea WHO "Gina" is, so I decided to download the book and try one of the numbers - WHOA!

I came so hard I almost had to seek professional help from dehydration due to jizz loss!

The number I called?


It's for "blow job" phone sex and it was HOT! Imagine young sluts making sucking noises over the phone as they play they're going down on you and begging for a hot cum facial! OY!

Now I'm printing more copies and stashing them around the house and car in case I have to drop a load when the wife leaves and don;t have time to call the maid!


Posted: Monday 17th September 2012, 6:12 PM

My Raging Desire To Look Up Girl's Skirts

Being a world-class perv and complete chronic masturbator, one of my favorite perversions is to look up girl's skirts. Any girl's skirt young and old, black or white, nuns or sluts, it doesn't matter! And any place school, laundromat, church, sporting events or my favorite, the mall.

Peeking Up Skirt's At The Mall

If you go to the local mall you might just see me parked under the escalator casually sipping a Coke and glancing upwards as babe after babe is transported magically over my head allowing me a great look up their skirts. I've seen some great stuff out there too, everything from young girls in thongs to fat grannies going commando which happens a lot more frequently than you would think!

Upskirt Phone Sex
Call 1-877-910-7335 Anytime!

What is it about looking up a girl's skirt that turns me on so much? It could be the forbidden fruit aspect of seeing things you're not supposed to see, or the simple fact that I'm a panty freak and when not sniffing and jerking off with women's panties, I can't get enough of seeing them wearing them and looking up skirts is the best way to do that!

And yes, I have been busted numerous times looking up girl's skirts. Just this last time happened while I was at the mall again enjoying an ice cream one Sunday afternoon when I happened to see a hot black chick with an ass the size of a dump truck riding up the escalator talking on her cell phone and wearing the shortest black skirt I've ever seen. Glancing up I was treated to the delicious spectacle of her huge black buns practically encasing the thin thread of white fabric that ran between her phat ass cheeks attached to the small thong she was wearing. Her huge rubbery pussy lips were split by the fabric in the front and I can only imagine the tart pungent aroma of Nubian deliciousness that they contained, hehe

Upskirt Phone Sex
Call 1-877-910-7335 Anytime!

And it was while I occupied watching this lovely sight move over my head that I forgot myself, and began to jerk my pud right there beneath the escalator, alarming all the passing mothers with their children and incurring the wrath of the local security guard who called the police for assistance in subduing me which I am proud to admit took 5 officers!

The judge said if it happened again he was going to sentence me to 3 years for lewd behavior, but because the jails were horribly overcrowded and they needed to make room for more serious criminals I was to consider myself lucky for being let off with a warning. He advised me to call this up skirt fetish fantasy line and talk to some of the girls there if I needed sexual release and to stop bothering people at the mall


Upskirt Phone Sex
Call 1-877-910-7335 Anytime!

More Upskirt Freaks Here

Posted: Friday 24th August 2012, 2:29 PM

Nude Young Blond Girls On Webcams

The other day while choking my chicken to some deliciously nude young blonde girls on webcams a devilish thought came into my feverish mind. I decided to try to sneak into the locker room of the all-girls Catholic school next door and hide myself inside one of the vents that run through the locker room. Hoping to catch some of the young girls naked as they changed into their gym outfits or showered, I hid myself well supplied with the role of tissue paper and a bottle of KY jelly.

Fat Nuns Farting

Imagine my disgust and disappointment when I found out I had selected the teacher's bathroom by mistake, and was soon treated to endless sessions of fat hairy nuns pissing and farting as they went about their toilet. As I had no pretty nubile young schoolgirls to ogle, I instead had to satisfy my devilish urges jerking and tugging my cock to the sight of these fat and old women going to the bathroom.

The only thing I saw worth mentioning, was one of the huge Mexican nuns, who once she was in the stall beneath me began to masturbate furiously, working her fat sausage like fingers in and out of her outrageously hairy cunt. The sloshing sounds were shocking, but the distinct aroma of burnt sausage and tuna casserole that soon flooded my nostrils just about rendered me unconscious and unable to finish masturbating.

When 6 o'clock finally rolled around and everyone had left the building, I was able to wiggle out of the vent and make my way back home where I threw myself on the couch after consuming a handful aspirin and a fifth of Jack Daniels to ease the blinding headache I had. I'm still having nightmares and can hear the loud juicy farts of the nuns in my sleep however.

The strange thing is that I now seem to have developed a raging passion for masturbating to naked fat girls and have embarked on a crusade to spill as much jizz as I can in that pursuit. Perhaps the scent of all those hairy mature pussy's did something to my brain?


Armpits And Asses Hirsute And Tart!
hairy phone sex Call 1-888-624-2479

Posted: Sunday 22nd July 2012, 4:28 PM

Southern Belle Wants Black Cock

I love stories about Southern Belles Who Want Black Cock but this one is has a little twist - she want's her white hick boyfriend to watch!

Yep! While she's down on her knees gobbling some Alabama black snake and guzzling Mandingo jizz, she wants her hillbilly lover to sit and take notes!

I bet he reaches for the shotgun instead, or maybe he'll join in?

Don't know, it's a strange and kinky world down South and anything can happen!


Kinky Fetish Shit Here

Posted: Friday 29th June 2012, 2:37 PM

Erotic Spanking Stories

I love Erotic Spanking Stories as much as the next guy, especially when it involves young girls getting their first panties down butt warming from some old bitch.

Call me, perverted, but the mental image of some old hag spanking a young slut on the bare butt makes hot streams of molten MAG-MA shout forth and splash about my keyboard and pencil cup!

Is that strange?

Nah, just another day on the job!


This Bitch Spanks A Lot

Posted: Friday 22nd June 2012, 1:01 PM

Nasty Girls Telling It Straight

Now, THIS is some funny shit! Finally, after all the cheezy web porn come ons and hype, some Nasty Girls Telling It Straight and not jerking you around.

"Get lost, call someone else, or just break out a credit card and let us run up a huge bill talking about stupid boring shit and leading you on. You know we're not going to fuck you so just come already and then piss off, loser!"

Why am I aroused by that? Is it because I secretly want to be humiliated and debased by some young slut or I'm just high from sniffing too much paint at the hobby store?

Hmmm, who knows?


Posted: Friday 1st June 2012, 5:49 PM

How To Have Phone Sex

Okay, first you grab a jizz rag and the telephone, then you call the number, then you talk to the girl and start wanking like a monkey on crack, then you bust a giant nut all over the place - then you blame it on the guy who cuts the grass and tell your wife you were at work when he must of broke in and done the deed so she should fire him!

Sound good?

That's what I did, but instead of just following Holly's guide on how to have phone sex I went the DIY route and got in big trouble with the old ball and chain!


Seems she was fucking him in the garage at the time and knew it was me who spunked the sofa - plus she saw my phone bill and knew I had been dialing "Nasty Mary's Skank Line" all week. D'OH!


Posted: Sunday 13th May 2012, 11:18 PM

Naughty Daughter Cock Teases Step Dad

Some guys get all the luck! Here I'm doing community service for masturbating in public behind the Church and this guy gets to pull his wick to his step daughter romping about topless and in pantyhose?

It ain't fair, I tells ya'!

I want a Naughty Daughter Who Cock Teases Her Step Dad and likes to watch him blow a load to rivals Mount Etna!

I'm complaining to the Judge!


More Naughty Daughter Cum Hijinks!

Posted: Sunday 22nd April 2012, 6:53 PM

Daddy's Little Girl

Okay, want to enjoy some REALLY taboo stuff with Daddy's Little Girl that will get you divorced if the wife finds out?

Trust me, it's hot and I lost about three gallons of monkey spunk from the old jizz cannon when I stumbled across it. Family fun? Well, let's just say young girls today are at a whole other level when it comes to sex and sexuality, hehe...


Shame For A Small Penis?

Posted: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 1:01 PM

Adult Baby Fetish

Okay, I might be a well-respected (or loathed, hehe) pervert of the biggest kind, but the idea of furious masturbating to Adult Baby Fetish never was on the plate - until now!

I met a older babe who put me in diapers and jerked my cock as she nursed me with one of her big floppy tits in my mouth and I came HARD!

So hard in fact I sprained my left nut and had to call the SAR team to come rescue me! Which was a BIG mistake because they said they only come in a life threatening emergency and now I have to pay 10 grand for the helicopter! Fark!

Oh, well, I had my new "mommy" diaper my butt and feed my my supper from a bottle as I figured out a way to get the dough!


These Moms Cross Dress You

Posted: Monday 26th March 2012, 9:07 AM

Personalized Panty Fetish Fantasy

So I was surfing the web looking for something hot and kinky to whip the lizard to when I stumbled across a bunch of babes who offer a Personalized Panty Fetish Fantasy and thrilled!

Here was a way to indulge my passion for sniffing and yerking to panties from a variety of "womens" - young girls to old ladies! So I rang them up and proceeded to spend the next forty minutes engage in some rather furious cock pulling and panty fetish madness. It was GREAT!

Time for more!


You Can Also Enjoy Pantyhose Fetish!

Posted: Monday 12th March 2012, 1:01 PM

Big Thick Booty

I was sitting at the bus stop downtown watching all the Big Thick Booty go by and decided to get me some.

Approaching a fine dark hottie I asked if I could sniff her butt for a large amount of money. She agreed and we went to a little room above the local porno threatre. She doffed her jeans and let me sniff her big behind as I jerked my small white cock to a splashing finish - all over her boots!

WOOPS! With a cry of "White man, you done fucked up now" she grabbed me by the hair and forced me to get put my wallet and fork over a whole sack of bills!

I couldn't refuse, after all, she is the head nun at the local orphanage and she would of brought down the curse of Jebus if I had refused!!


Pantyhose Pussy Rocks Too!

Posted: Monday 27th February 2012, 12:18 PM

Pantyhose Smother Babes

I would do anything to be able to trade places with one of these Pantyhose Smother Babes, you know? Being forced to sniff the stank through some hot hose would get the old jizz dribler up and firing a 21-gun molten MAGMA cock salute!

I tried offering the lady next door some cash to sit on my face in her pantyhose and let me jerk the chicken, but she said NO!

Of course the fact that she was sixty years old and also my mother in law might have something to do with that, but hey, can't blame a fella for trying, right?


Lot's Of Pantyhose Porn HERE!

Posted: Monday 6th February 2012, 1:48 PM

Sex With A Shemale

If you've ever had Sex With A Shemale you probably didn't think it was going to hurt - until she rammed that nine inch tranny cock up your manhole and slid it in and out before creaming your pie, right?

Many a man has come to grief at the hands of a hot tgirl and her wang of destruction, so just be sure it's something your turd tunnel can handle before you let her drop her panties and bend YOU over, hehe..


Girls Who Like Sex Toys

Posted: Sunday 22nd January 2012, 8:02 PM

Femdom Facesitting Porn

Of course while checking out some sizzling Femdom Facesitting Porn my butt sniffing madness overcame me and I had to quickly rub one out.

Only problem was I wasn't alone. I forgot the maid was home and dusting in the next room! Alarmed by my shrieks of "Sniff that ass, bitch boy!" she ran into the room just as I was launching a molten stream of hot nut sauce across the desk, D'OH!

She cried out "Mama Mia, Meester HedButt is jerking the chorizo again! It is making the sperm! I am leaving!"

Damn, but it's hard keeping a house keeper these days!


A Tight Ass Is A Happy Ass!

Posted: Saturday 14th January 2012, 12:12 AM

Teen Girls Wrestling Naked In The Shower

Okay, so it's every perv's passion to be able to be a fly on the wall and witness some Teen Girls Wrestling Naked In The Shower, right? I mean who hasn't been caught drilling a hole into the girl's locker room at school so they could peep some budding breasts and naked teenage ass, hmmm?

I mean, the last time I did it, I used a power drill and was almost through the last three inches of concrete before the police caught me!

Luckily the Judge was an old friend and only sentenced me to forty hours of community service picking up trash along the road, but at least I got to see some nude teens grappling, hehe...


Facesitting In Panties Here!

Posted: Tuesday 3rd January 2012, 12:49 PM

My Nice Butt

When a hot young girl decides to put up some pictures of herself under the title "My Nice Butt", you just KNOW I'm going to have to have a peek and jerk, right?

And does she ever have a nice butt! Of course those little girl panties pulled down around her sweet soft thighs do it to me the most - I think I shot a few gallons of high octane spunk into the tissue when I saw that!

And to be able to sniff those undies after they came off her nice butt would probably land me in the clinic with a semen deficiency that would take more than a few steak breakfasts to cure, hehe..

Have a look and deploy the spunk cannon!


Find Your Kinky XXX Fetish Here!

Posted: Monday 26th December 2011, 11:49 PM
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